Acton-Boxborough Community Forums provide an opportunity for attendees to highlight and discuss timely issues and trends of concern with regard to health and human services in the Acton and Boxborough commCommunity Forum Spring 2011unities. They are attended by town officials, local clergy members, selectmen, and representatives of regional community service organizations. 

These programs focus on raising awareness of issues and unmet need in the community, brainstorming to identify collaborative solutions, and addressing common concerns. An equally compelling result that takes place among participants at these Forums is vital networking, sharing of ideas, concerns, and referral information, as well as connections to other resources. Difficult times require dedicated and thoughtful partnerships among government, churches, and community organizations. Our neediest citizens can’t move forward to self-sufficiency without such collaboration and support.

December 2011 Forum
For representatives from local social service agencies, law enforcement, government and the faith community at the ABUW Community Forum on Dec. 1st, "measuring" the year meant a lively discussion on the issues and trends of the last 12 months. There was strong consensus that the fragile economy continues to provide the backdrop to a number of problems in our area; joblessness translating into homelessness, domestic violence, stress and other mental health concerns. As the participants listened to updates from State Senator Jamie Eldridge and Representative Jen Benson, the need to truly 'measure' the year with quantifiable data became apparent. Click here to read the entire report on ABUW’s December 2011 Community Forum.

May 2011 Forum Collaboration and integration; those were the buzzwords stressed by the Executive Director of Lazarus House of Lawrence, MA, Bridget Shaheen who was the featured speaker at the Spring Community Forum sponsored by the Acton-Boxborough United Way on May 5th. Speaking to nearly 40 representatives of community service organizations from the Acton and Boxborough area, Shaheen highlighted the methods and techniques that have proven successful at Lazarus House as they strive to positively impact the lives of the people in Lawrence. Click here to read the entire report on ABUW’s May 2011 Spring Community Forum.

November 2010 Forum Report - click here.


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