Nearly 40 years ago in 1981, a group of visionary and concerned community residents thoughtfully launched Acton-Boxborough Community Chest to take care of their neighbors and friends. Ten years later, we became part of the international United Way so we could leverage its experience and resources while retaining our independent and local status.

Throughout the years and thanks to the help of thousands of engaged community leaders, caring volunteers, and farsighted donors, we have stayed focused on our mission. A-B United Way mobilizes the caring power of community to drive positive, lasting change. United, we fight for the health, education, and financial stability of EVERY person in Acton and Boxborough. We connect, convene, and listen deeply so we can represent voices not heard. We celebrate our community’s diversity, and we stand for equity and inclusion. We support and participate in the quest for racial justice.

Our 2020 Fiscal Year started as an exciting year of growth and discovery under new leadership, and ended with a level of momentum and strength that exceeded our expectations, as the COVID-19 pandemic tested our community, elevated our collective can-do spirit, and inspired us to reach a new level of awareness, performance, and capacity. The pandemic challenged us to do what we do best, and our FY 2020 results speak for themselves.

A-B United Way continues to evolve and work with our community to develop strategic responses to crises, such as COVID-19, and critical issues, such as racial justice, which we believe must be a priority in the coming years. We envision a community where every voice is heard, every need is met, every person feels included -- in short, where we can all Live United.

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