Your Dollars At Work

  • Sarah and her family were facing homelessness as they struggled with the pending foreclosure of their home in Acton. They were unable to afford an attorney and didn't know where to turn.They were connected with a Metro West Legal Services attorney who successfully negotiated a settlement for them with their mortgage lender, allowing them to stay in their home.
  • "Frank" grew up in housing owned by the Acton Housing Authority. His mother passed away when he was a young man and he stayed in the unit to help raise his younger brother. As a teenager he received constant support from the social worker who helped him work through high school and realize his dream of going to college. As a young adult, he found a full time job and participated in the Housing Authority’s escrow program. He became a first time home buyer of an affordable unit built in town.
  • “Ben”, a retired senior citizen in his seventies, lives in one of the subsidized rental units in Acton. With his limited retirement income, he is having trouble paying all of his bills, particularly those for medical expenses. To supplement his limited income, he picks up a bag of groceries at the food pantry every week. This is crucial for his ability to “just get by.”
  • A woman had to cut back on her work hours to care for her mother who suffers from dementia. With reduced income, it became difficult to pay all her bills and the utility company was going to shut off service.  This added to her mounting stress, and she was desperate.  A Friend in Need helped her pay some bills and keep her economically afloat.
  •   A gentleman fell and broke his arm.  The small company he works for does not pay any benefits such as vacation, sick time, etc.  He had to take a month off to recover from his injury and had no extra savings to fall back on.  A Friend in Need paid his rent, and he was able to get back on track with his bills when he returned to work.




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