Your Dollars at Work:

  • “Jay”, an elderly man in Boxborough, opens his door to find a friendly face and a nice hot lunch from Meals on Wheels.
  • Anya, an elderly woman is able to live in her home but suffers from severe arthritis. She welcomes a Personal Care Homemaker to her apartment that helps her with laundry and housekeeping. 
  • Frail elders from Acton and Boxborough attend a center to receive a full day of therapeutic activities, nursing care, nutritional meals, rehabilitative services and counseling.  Families also receive much needed respite.

Local Case Study from Minuteman Senior Services:

As part of our Care Transitions Program at Emerson Hospital, a 77 year-old resident within our service area was able to recover from a bout of pneumonia without a return visit to the hospital. This person had been in and out of the hospital numerous times previous to this recent visit as a result of suffering several mini strokes.  Our Care Transitions Coach helped him keep track of his medications, informed him about red flags to watch for associated with his illness, and reminded him to keep his activities reduced while he recovered.  Our Transitions Coach also made sure that he made a follow up appointment with his primary care physician. The client was able to use his personal health record to manage his medications, and track any other changes that he noticed.  With the help of the care transitions coach, he was able to recover at home without a return visit to the hospital. 

As a result of this community interaction, Minuteman was also able to identify his need for the Meals on Wheels program.  As he was unable to drive to the store for groceries or prepare meals for an extended time, he was eligible to receive a nutritious daily meal delivered to his house.  It also became clear that he had numerous questions regarding his health insurance and prescription drug coverage, so he was referred to our SHINE program, where trained volunteers provided information on his Medicare benefits.



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