Your Dollars at Work

  • "Alma” was abused by her husband from the beginning of their marriage. He had slapped her, punched and pushed her to the floor and left a scar on her arm from a knife wound. Alma made little money from her job as a housekeeper. Desperate to escape the abuse, Alma sought help. With services from many agencies, Alma escaped to safety, found housing, received domestic violence counseling, divorced and gained sole custody of her daughter.

Domestic Violence Services Network (DVSN): The ABUW grant to DVSN is being used to help train new volunteer advocates; supervise and provide professional development for veteran advocates; provide formal communication among coalition partners; and to reach out to victims of domestic violence via a toll-free help line and a variety of printed materials.

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Metrowest Legal Services: Requests for assistance from victims of domestic violence accounted for 65% of cases handled by MetroWest Legal Service advocates over the past year.  A little more than half of the Acton-Boxborough cases at MWLS involve assisting victims of domestic violence in their contested divorce, visitation, restraining order and immigration matters. When income stops, problems with housing, work, childcare and education follow. One of the prime factors in exacerbating the incidence of domestic violence is financial stress. This trend continues as the economy remains sluggish.


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