Rachel Sagan, Executive Director, reviewed the 2014-15 year of ABUW with the following remarks.

Rachel Sagan

 ABUW can celebrate, with you, a terrific year. One of the powerful things about community is that it allows us to reach and support people in a way we couldn't do as individuals. When we share the responsibility and our resources, we can do so much - together.  

We are extremely proud of ABUW's initiatives this year. They range from an emergency grant to an individual in crisis to the broader two-town community work of our Community Needs Assessment. 

Our grants touched residents at every stage of their lives. I would like to share a just a few examples - providing a wheel chair to a senior who was suddenly disabled, rent payment to a mother and kids escaping domestic violence, summer camp scholarships for working families who can't afford the tuition and a new stove at the community supper - feeding hundreds of people each year.

We broadened and deepened our partnerships with so many community organizations, human service providers and town leaders. This includes our talented and committed Community Needs Assessment Steering Committee who met monthly - and helped us at every stage of our process. 

We deepened our partnerships with organizations such as the AB Regional PTSO and Danny's Place Youth Services. With the PTSO and Danny's Place Youth Services, we supported and brought to Acton and Boxborough a new referral service - MSPP Project Interface, as well as two important and extremely popular community programs. The community speakers ranged from Michelle Gielan who shared the science of igniting and sustaining positive change with students and their parents to Dr. Michael Thompson who honestly addressed with parents the pressure our children are managing. He talked about  America's preoccupation with performance-driven accomplishments and the emotional impacts this is having on our children. 

When we helped bring Project Interface to Acton and Boxborough, we knew that finding the appropriate mental health services was a challenge to our residents - often seeking services and information in a crisis. The Community Needs Assessment community survey results revealed that finding appropriate services was a significant concern for the community as a whole. Tonight, we will review the very real barriers to accessing help that face all populations. We are grateful to the many people who made our work possible and thrilled to share with you the results from our Community Needs Assessment tonight. The report is only a beginning and we will need all of you to help figure out - where do we go from here...Thank you! 


Watch Rachel Sagan share her summary of year in review at 2014- 15 annual board meeting.


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