AB United Way announces the Healthy Teen Initiative Grants, totaling $55,000, supporting the mental health and well-being of our youth. Thanks to the generosity of the community, AB United Way exceeded the $25,000 matching gift for teen mental health.

AB United Way created the Healthy Teen Initiative (HTI) in direct response to our 2015 Community Needs Assessment. The program's goal is to positively impact our community's teen mental health, the most often cited concern of residents and a top priority identified by service providers in the Community Needs Assessment.

AB United Way awarded three Healthy Teen Initiative grants for programs that address the mental health needs of Acton and Boxborough teens. AB United Way is proud to announce our investment in the immediate and long-term mental health of our teens. The Healthy Teen Initiative grants will support: 

1) A community-wide suicide prevention program that teaches the warning signs of suicide and an effective emergency response. The program, entitled QPR, consists of three life-saving skills: how to Question, Persuade and Refer a person who may be considering suicide. Eliot Community Human Services will train the many community members and professionals who are in a position to recognize a crisis. 

2) A program to support the development of coping and resiliency skills for 4th, 5th and 6th graders at AB Community Education Extended Day program. 

3) AB Wellness Initiative: Because You Matter, a collaborative program with the AB Regional High School as the lead agency partnering with high school student leaders, Danny's Place Youth Services and Metrowest Behavioral Center. This year-long program will positively impact teen mental health by creating a community discussion around positive mental health, increasing the dialogue among students within school, and ensuring our teens have increased access to mental resources. 

AB United Way is extremely proud of this opportunity to bring effective, innovative and collaborative programs to support our teens' mental health.