AB United Way is proud to co-found AB Cares, a community-based collaborative effort that seeks to prevent suicide across the life span and support all who are impacted by suicide. AB Cares, a community coalition, serves as a community response to suicide."Suicide is a major public health issue in Massachusetts. 642 deaths were ruled as suicides in 2015," said Larry Berkowitz, Director, Riverside Trauma Center. 

AB Cares includes all residents of the community as youth, middle-aged men, and seniors are at the greatest risk of death by suicide. For Acton and Boxborough, the comprehensive 2016 Youth Risk Behavior survey revealed that 15% of high school students seriously considered suicide in the last 12 months. For the middle school, 5% of sixth grade respondents and 11% of eighth grade respondents report having seriously considered attempting suicide during the twelve months prior to the survey.

"Our vision is a community that is resilient and responsive to the tragedy of suicide," said Rachel Sagan, Executive Director of the Acton-Boxborough United Way. "We hope to provide social support to fight stigma, provide resources on suicide prevention and mental health, and bring suicide prevention training to the community."
AB Cares is developing new resources on suicide prevention and mental health including on-line resources. 
The AB Cares logo was created by ABRHS junior, Siraj Chokshi, whose design won a logo contest sponsored by the coalition. Siraj shared, "When I was presented the challenge of making the AB Cares Coalition logo I focused on the aspects of caring and togetherness. The center image represents a sun rising on a field which while literally providing warmth and also serves to symbolize a new day with new experiences. From a design standpoint I attempted to use a limited palette of colors for an abstract design that contains an image in it."
Current Members of Core Group Include: 

Acton-Boxborough Regional School District
Acton-Boxborough United Way
Danny's Place Youth Services
Eliot Community Human Services
Highrock Covenant Church representing Acton-Boxborough-Stow Clergy Association
Minuteman Senior Services
Riverside Trauma Center, a service of Riverside Community Care
Town of Acton Department of Health
Town of Acton Police Department - Youth Officer
Town of Acton: Community Services Coordinator
Town of Boxborough: Community Services Coordinator
Thanks to Acton Rotary Club for support of AB Cares.