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Community Resources

Resource Site on LaptopConnecting residents to resources is a priority for A-B United Way. Visit our Community Resources site for information on: 

  • Neighbor Connections
  • Town Information
  • Food Security
  • Cost-Saving Programs
  • Transportation
  • Civic Engagement
  • Volunteering
  • and more!

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Welcome InitiativeWelcome Committtee 

Welcoming Each New Neighbor

The Acton-Boxborough Welcome Initiative, a project of Acton-Boxborough United Way and the AB Racial Justice Collaborative, welcomes new residents to Acton and Boxborough. Volunteers bring new residents a gift bag of information useful to know when you first move to the area.  Inside the bag, in addition to a few local goodies and flyers for local organizations, there is a welcome placard that says WELCOME in several different languages, and contains a QR code and link to our Resource Site (see above).

Volunteers are given a list of recent homes sold in their neighborhood, and they go out and say hi, and give out a gift bag.  People have been pleasantly surprised to be welcomed in this way, and have a connection to someone living nearby.  We would like to have a volunteer in every neighborhood if possible.

If you are interested in learning more about the volunteer opportunities please register using the button below. 

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